Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact Tampa Dungeon?
Feel free to give us a call at 813-620-1234 during club hours (every Saturday 8pm-5am) or email us at

2. Do I have to fill out the membership forms every time I come?
Yes. The forms are part of registering at any state approved lodging facility. This is how our licenses are setup to protect everyone. We scan the driver license to confirm legal age. The registration forms are not kept on record past the evening. Your membership card is proof of your annual membership fee. Presenting it avoids paying additional membership dues until the following year. Therefore, it's important you remember to bring it during each visit.

3. What happens to the information on my membership forms?
Tampa Dungeon is required to hold the information confidential. Your private information will not be shared or sold. Email addresses are saved, if elected by the member, for coupons and event information. Tampa Dungeon requires a member to present a driver license or other official ID. It will NOT be copied and the number will NOT be recorded for purposes of membership. However, if you rent a private room your ID will be saved in case there are additional charges that will be applied.

4. What if I'm from out of town and only plan to visit one time? Do I still have to fill out the forms and become a member?
Yes. We are licensed as a sexual encounter center and state approved lodging facility. Our attorneys have made sure all bases are covered so all of us are protected. To follow each of those requirements, each person must become a member.

5. What's the big deal about being a private membership club anyway?
Being a private membership club allows us to do things that otherwise would not be allowed.

6. How much is a membership?
The standard annual membership is $20.00 per person.

7. Do I have to pay every time I come?
Yes. Like most (if not all) private dungeons and clubs, there is an entrance fee with each visit. The entrance fee is $20.00 per person with an Early Bird price of $15.00 before 9:00pm.

8. Are food or drinks available?
Yes. Cold soft drinks and water are available in the dungeon for purchase. Please note: All alcoholic beverages must remain in the bar. Absolutely NO outside beverages are allowed.

9. What kinds of play are not allowed?
  • No scat.
  • No male or female ejaculation.
  • No sex in the dungeon area. Private rooms are available, ask for more detail.
  • No fisting. It is considered sex. See above.
  • No blood play.
  • No knife play.
10. Is the dungeon available for private rentals?
Yes, the group and private dungeons are available for private rental. Feel free to give us a call at 813-620-1234 during club hours (every Saturday 8pm-5am) or email us at

11. Do you take credit cards?
Yes. We accept credit cards for registration only. There is also an ATM available for your convenience.

12. Do I have to be naked and do I have to participate?
No. Nudity is allowed but is not expected or required. The only thing we require of our members is common courtesy.

13. Is there a dress code?
Fetish wear is preferred, but not required. We do not allow shorts, flip flops, t-shirts, ball caps, etc.

14. What is your policy on cameras?
There are absolutely no recording devices or cell phones allowed. However we do have small and large lockers that are free of charge to store your personal items.

15. Do you have items available for purchase?
Yes. We have a variety of adult and fetish items available for your enjoyment.

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