Welcome to Tampa Dungeon

The Tampa Dungeon is the newest and largest private club in the Tampa Bay area, serving the fetish, kink, BDSM, and Leather community. Our staff represents many diverse aspects within the community to assist us in making this the finest lifestyle club in the area. Dungeon Monitors (DMs) will be hand picked for their prior DM experience, dungeon experiences, and/or medical training.

Come play in our two incredible dungeons. Equipment has been placed for your enjoyment and includes our signature steel A Frame for play and suspension, a horizontal X frame, a medical play chair, a throne for foot worship, several St Andrew's crosses, and three variations on a spanking bench. Tampa Dungeon has a place to play for everyone.

There are plenty of seating in the dungeon, so that you can quietly watch the hot scenes taking place. For those of you that wish to have a conversation, we have a very unique room with a window that looks out onto the play space, so you can hold a conversation and still watch the play without disturbing the ongoing scenes. We invite you to gather in our social area in the lobby for lively conversation and fun!

We understand your scene is not over when you pack up your toys and exit the play space. When you are ready to move to a quieter area, we have you covered. There are multiple private and public aftercare choices to suit your comfort level. You may choose to remain near the play space and relax in a chair or perhaps you?d like more privacy in one of the nearby aftercare rooms. You may adjust your privacy level to suit your personal intimacy preferences.

Other amenities include free parking and an outside patio for smoking that is fenced by a 6' privacy fence.

Tampa Dungeon

8504 Adamo Dr, Suite #105
(Behind Eyz Wide Shut)
Tampa, FL 33619

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