Rules & General Etiquette

1. Members must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

2. If you have a question, find a DM or the Manager.

3. Everyone is equal here. This is a tolerant space, and everyone is accepted.

4. Your card is proof of your paid membership. For your security, records are not kept after the evening. Therefore, your card is the only record of your membership. You must present it during each visit. Replacement cards will be provided for the price of a new membership.

5. Ask before touching; Please do not touch someone, their equipment or clothing without specific permission.

6. Respect everyone's privacy please... what happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon.

7. No means no! Yes, we understand resistance scenes, but if you're just trying to get to know someone and they say no... well, that's not a scene guys.

8. No negative comments please! If you do not like something don't watch and keep opinions to yourself. We do not want negative comments here. Remember... "Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is ok."

9. Take loud and non-scene related conversation outside the dungeon.

10. Club Safe Words:
  • Green: ok to proceed
  • Yellow: slow down or check in

If "RED" is called, even in jest, DMs reserve the right to end your scene. This is a very serious word, and is not to be used lightly or jokingly while on scene. Please save it for when you need to stop a scene.

NOTE: In case of a dire emergency yell MAYDAY and that will alert the DMs and staff that there is something very wrong and our trained staff will be there to assist if needed.

11. Please leave equipment available for those who wish to use it. Do not sit or setup on the equipment unless you are ready to use it.

12. Respect the scenes in process. Watch from an unobtrusive distance.

13. Please only join a scene if invited.

14. Do not interrupt a scene. Please wait until the participants are clearly ready to talk to others before asking questions. Remember, setup, cleanup, and aftercare is part of the scene to some. Be considerate.

15. If you have questions about safety, using the equipment, or concerns regarding a scene please ask a DM.

16. Please avoid shrieks and screams that may falsely alarm the DMs or other members that something is wrong.

17. The following is not allowed in the dungeon:
  • No scat.
  • No male or female ejaculation.
  • No sex in the dungeon area. Private rooms are available, ask for more detail.
  • No fisting. It is considered sex. See above.
  • No blood play.
18. Please clean up and wipe down your area and the equipment when finished. Cleaning supplies are conveniently located near the equipment, and trash cans are available through out the club.

19. No nudity is permitted in hallways.

20. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

21. Firearms, and drugs are strictly prohibited.

22. Outside beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are prohibited.

23. Anyone under the influence of legal or illegal substances will be asked to leave the premises.

24. Any sexual or fetish services intended for exchange for financial reimbursement is strictly prohibited.

25. DM decisions are final.

26. We reserve the right to eject anyone for any type of misconduct. No refunds will be issued if you are ejected.

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