Great Dungeons to Play at in Tampa

It’s that time of year again, and I simply can not wait! Downtown Tampa is once again the location for the annual FetishCon event August 15 – 18, 2013, at the newly remodeled Hilton formerly the Downtown Hyatt hotel. And guess what? FetishCon is the first event this new Hilton will be hosting since the change over and remodeling project began.

FetishCon and it’s Kinky Fetish guests will be the Hilton’s first! How special is this going to be? (cherry popped!)

I have had the opportunity to attend every single FetishCon event since they relocated to the Tampa, Florida area. Even through the Double Tree years and hurricane Jeanne, FetishCon has soldiered on to become one of the biggest and best attended Fetish, Kinky, BDSM friendly events in the state of Florida. This event is marketed as a “Fetish Trade Show” with vendors from all over the country as well as local business’s supporting this annual event. There are fetish model’s, bondage rigger’s, photographers, and videographers from all over the world, plus all of the fetish friendly local support. What makes this event even more special is that the Tampa area has so many lifestyle friendly venues, with a variety of night clubs, and shopping. Tampa has everything from sexy swingers night clubs with plenty of play space with private or group dungeons if one wants to be adventurous and go exploring out into the Tampa area.

Once you are settled into your hotel room and you are FetishCon registered with badges in hand, there are thousand’s of square feet with rows and rows of sexy shopping opportunities with exhibitors and vendors demonstrating, displaying, and selling all kinds of adult toys, movies, bondage gear and kinky equipment. You can visit the various booth’s and meet one of your favorite fetish models, or bondage movie stars, and the people who actually tie them up (the riggers). There are how-to classes and seminars. You can attend a lecture, workshop or seminar. This event is four days packed full of KINKY FETISH FUN!!

The Hilton hotel will literally transform into one GIANT kinky fetish playground with every room and on every floor occupied by fetish friendly guests. You will see fetish models, riggers videographers and photographers doing what they do best EVERYWHERE. The FetishCon guests can actually sit in on a photo or video session that are being shot in the bar or dining room area’s. An attendee can stumble upon a photo shot at poolside, or a video in process in the elevator or one of the many hallways. For a few short days Tampa becomes a fetish fashion carnival with kink around every corner. The hotel and it’s staff are nothing short of FABULOUS and beyond accommodating.

FetishCon has provided a venue for their fetish friendly guest’s to “chill out” once they return back to the hotel after a hot and steamy night out dancing and getting your fetish on at one of the many night clubs or kinky fetish themed parties. Imagine being able to take a cool dip in a beautiful swimming pool or giant hot tub, while talking and socializing with like minded people after a wild night out at one of the fetish themed club parties hosted by some of the local night clubs and dungeon’s in the Tampa area. The after hours pool parties that go on until dawn are one of my most favorite things about this event.

Tampa has one of the nicest full time dungeon’s, and it’s just 10 minutes east of downtown Tampa, and only 5 minutes east of Ybor City. There is over a 1000 square foot group dungeon, private play dungeons, and 3 exquisite overnight dungeons. The overnight rooms come complete with fantastic equipment, sex furniture, and XXX adult movies. Coming soon the dungeon rooms will be available 6 days a week from 11:00am to 11:00pm, but for now the the playrooms are available 4 nights a week, with the group dungeon open on Saturday nights for use and enjoyment. Some of the building and play space is shared with the adjacent swingers night club, Eyz Wide Shut, There is a video on the Eyz Wide Shut website of the group dungeon, private play dungeons, and the 3 overnight dungeon rooms.

I am so excited, and I just can not wait to see ALL of the AMAZING AND WONDERFUL Kinky people return back to FetishCon again!!!!!!!!!!

Tampa’s First Legal Public Dungeon, Fetish and BDSM Playground

Located in the back of Eyz Wide Shut

8504 Adamo Dr
Tampa, FL 33619


Tampa is finally getting its first, legal public dungeon and public fetish and BDSM play environment.

Tampa Dungeon will be hosting its first events Friday and Saturday March 30 & 31. Friday, March 30 will be a free meet and greet and offering a free hot and cold buffet to everyone. Saturday, March 31 will be a full blown fetish event with public and private kinky played permissible.

Tampa Dungeon, which is in a different unit than Eyz Wide Shut will offer 6000 SF of private and public rooms.

We welcome EVERYONE to safely indulge in their fantasy. The main playroom is 2000 SF of open space. It will feature lots of unusual dungeon furnishings for you and your partner to enhance your pleasure. Guests are welcome to enjoy their kinky or fetish experience in private for a slight up charge by renting one of their private rooms on a hourly basis. Continue reading